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El mesón de melquiades

Type: criolloAddress: Jajome CayeyParking: limitedPrice: $30 aveKids: yes it great family placeService: beyond 5 star service, they make you feel at home and they are super nice and considerate to you needs. The place is huge, with wonderful wood ceilings, fresh climate and relax atmosphere. The trip to get here is pretty curvy, you take the express way and take the exit to Aibonito. You’ll see signs that will lead you there. the oxygen is different here its clean and refreshing, when you get here you’ll feel as if time stopped. Puerto Rico is known for its eternal summer climate but Jajome is the place of eternal fall/winter climate, in a good way, its cold but not freezing.  they do not have a separate kitchen for gluten free things but they are super considerate to allergies.The restaurant closes early and is only open from Thursday to Sunday so make reservations or come early, It gets full quick.It worth the trip!Food: my family and I have tried various things from the chicken to the skirt steak, soups, alcapurrias, tostones, chuleton, rice, fries, just about everything. The alcapurrias are glorious and heavenly crispy with that delicious mouthwatering sauce. The best of all is that you can take them home. The meat is well seasoned, tender and well cooked; you don’t even need a knife to cut it. The rice has fresh beans or pigeon peas which are wonderful. To finish off we ate candied papaya (papaya candy with cheese). Obviously I didn’t eat the cheese. Try the mashed of malanga!

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