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El mister licor store

Type: liquor store

Parking: municipal parking

Price: varies

Service: small town everybody gets along and knows you kind of feel. owned by a retired public high school teacher of the area. He gave classes to my mom when she was young. He will ask you how are you doing and take your recommendations to expand his wine inventory. He has the help of his wonderful daughters that plan to keep the place going.

Drinks: I know its not food but its related. they have a variety of licorices, wines of all tastes and prices, beverages, and for me coca cola in the Cristal bottle

Comments: This man has a thriving self owned store that people should go because your buying what you could get in Costco but for allot less. The place is small but it is worth every once of your life going here, you get a different feeling when your here; something that you don’t get to see every day at your busy metro area. you will not be disappointed,

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Location: Aibonito near the center plaza

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