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El Platanal criolloAddress: next to the now closed logans, at Cupey but they have other locations.Parking: limited, there no valet parking, they take advantage of the closed businesses for the extra parking and the small street that they are located at.Price: $30 per personKids: yesFood: The food is excellent, super delicious! I tried the chicken stuffed with sweet plantains and my boyfriend tried the famous plantain sandwiches. the sandwiches are hace plantains instead of bread, super crunchy, you can have your bread and chips at the same time! Its a lot of food so you can share. the food is mostly gluten and lactose free but always ask to make sure since most of the restaurants add butter to there mofongo.Service: the place gets super packed at lunch and at late dinner, so make reservations. the place has a super relax feel and is decorated as a plantain field. they are considerate to food allergies but do ask the waiter to ask the chef. they give you various options of seating: bar area, inside, outside looking to the street or in the patio.

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