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Feastly Experience

Chef info: Ichido-San FranciscoRead more about feastlyUp and coming chefs that are starting their own business or work at a particular restaurant have an opportunity to share their food with foodies. The business reserves a space depending on the amount of people desired. They have programmed events in thier calendar but you can also create your own event by choosing the space and chef you want. These events have alot of variety in the chefs and different cuisines. If you’re the adventures eater, this is the place for you to find events.Festly, as its webpage states, was Inspired by Noah Karesh, who wanted to unlock the diverse food and cultural potential of cities everywhere. Flooded with too many impersonal and sterile restaurants, he sought to reintroduce the original social dining option: the home cooked meal.From this Feastly is grown into a central marketplace where passionate chefs connect with adventurous eaters seeking more authentic dining options by offering unique meals served in a chef’s home. In lowering the barriers to entry for chef to share their culinary skills and stories with the world, he wanted to let chefs monetize their passions and provide exciting new food opportunities for eaters.At present, Feastly is a growing community of eaters and chefs who want more from dining. Feasters seek authentic food, served around big tables with good people. They are adventurous, but remember their humble food beginnings. A Feaster may be just as excited about an inviting bowl of tomato soup and grilled cheese sandwich as she is for a goat roast. And, our chefs are a talented, hospitable group of food lovers with incredible abilities to turn their homes into warm, inviting spaces filled with the wonderful flavors and aromas of their favorite dishes.This particular event that I attended was a special event for Ramadan. I was invited by a friend from Saudi Arabia that graduated last year from Berkeley. I took some classes with her and it was awesome to learn the culture, history and women’s rights movement of Saudi. It was an honor to meet you!Feastly does consider food allergies for their programmed and reserved events. You just have to confirm your attendance and call so they can make a note on your reservation about your allergies.The event was to celebrate the end of fasting for that day and we had some really delicious authentic Saudi dishes. The chef that cooked these masterpieces is called Moe Inani. He does other cooking events for Feastly that are all centered in Middle Eastern and Asian fusion foods. Photo of him below:

Following Ramadan tradition, we started off by waiting until sundown and eating 3 dates (you can eat the dates in odd numbers but usually you eat 3, it’s for good luck). They also served traditional Saudi Coffee and tea.This was the course menu:Course 1: Albacore CrudoAlbacore tuna topped with bell peppers, ginger, garlic, jalapeno, cilantro. It’s then seared with hot olive oil, tahini vinaigrette, and chili oil.Course 2: EggplantRoasted baby eggplant, berbere spicy sauce, mint/basil yogurt, pine nuts, pita crackers, and little crispy potato cubes tossed in garlic, cilantro, and ground coriander.Course 3: Egyptian Cheese and Pastrami PieHomemade grilled “pie” stuffed with three types of Middle Eastern cheeses and Middle Eastern pastrami with fenugreek and olive salad mix.Course 4: Middle Eastern DumplingSteamed lamb and pumpkin dumpling with a curried tomato sauce, dried mint yogurt, and Tunisian olive oil.Course 5: LambFall of the bone lamb shank, saffron rice, vadouvan toppings (caramelized onion, carrots, almonds, raising), heirloom tomato salsa, and tahini yogurt-cucumber salad.Course 6: Sticky Toffee Date PuddingTopped with tahini cotton candy and served with a banana cream sauce.The food was truly a masterpiece, a perfect fusion of cooking and art. I have never tasted something more marvelous in my life, and that is very significant because I have traveled and have eaten alot. I felt like I took a plane to Saudi and immersed myself in their culture and food.I really like the concept and opportunity Feastly offers. I really hope I can return to another event when I’m in California again.

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