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Festival del Tinglar

Festival del Tinglar is an annual event where people go to Luquillo to celebrate the birth of new tinglares but also raise awareness in their conservation. They chose the tinglar because its an endangered species. they face many dangers like disorientation with light pollution, killings, and robbery of eggs. In the festival, they have music, artisans, food, snacks, gifts, and much more. they also have environmental groups that share information about what they do and of course about the tinglar. they also have various events during the day like arts and crafts for the kids (making a tinglar out of recycled materials), recycled material costume competition, parades, etc. everything is related to the environment. the festival is all day and starts at 10am, i suggest you arrive at 10 for the parking. there is one near the town square. you can also enjoy the near by beach when your done with the festival. The tinglar nests during the night/early morning, if you get to see one do not get close, give it space and do not touch the nest. enjoy this rare once in a life time event from a distance. from the food we tried some arepas and Popsicle, they were delicious!

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