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Gnocchi (CLOSED)


Address: next to yogurt fit and Ben and Jerry’s in Torrimar, next to Torrimar train station.

Price: less than $50 per person with no wine.

Parking: yes.

Kids: yes, they’ll think they are in Disney when they see the pasta making machine.

Food: excellent, homemade and authentic food that makes your taste buds travel to Italy with just one bite of that fluffy-heavenly gnocchi. Try the vanilla cake soaked in amaretto with caramel, delicious.

Service: friendly and knowledgeable waiters that will make you laugh and recommend you delicious food, they will guarantee you a good time.

Comment: come early if you want good parking, the owners are father and son both Italian so it is authentic. Yes there is an awesome pasta making machine next to the front door. It is a small place and fairly new but it is so quaint, nice and lovely.Update: I wanted to go here yesterday and it was closed, when it was supposed to be open. it is sad to see local restaurants like this one close because you know that its because of all the ignorant picky people in this world that cant stop going to those stupid fast foods and chain restaurants. Let me tell you something you might encourage foreign companies to establish here and create jobs but that’s not helping the economy; its hindering it, this takes money that we desperately need to restart out else where just because you want to make a few stupid spoiled rich people happy. stop thinking about the small big money interests and start thinking about what the people want, what we want is to go to a local restaurant, enjoy the food and leave the money in our economy. what is so great and out of the ordinary about unseasoned vegetables, super salty and mediocre Mexican/Italian/dinner food? What is the whole point of throwing to the trash what is ours and glorifying what is from another, like if they are going to magically turn us to a perfect paradise of no worries.You know what i’m going to stop criticizing because in the past it hasn’t worked we all criticize and no one listens, i act, i go to the local restaurant, i support the local economy; you go and have a “great” time in your stupid pre-made life, don’t come crying to me saying you were right when the economy goes completely chaotic and 2012 movie on us because i’m just going to say “i told you so”.

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