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Heladeria Lares

Type: Sorbets and ice creams

Address: Placita de Lares

Price: less than $20

Parking: bona fide municipal parking

kids: hell yes!

Service: super fast and extremely nice, they do pay attention to everyone’s orders and needs despite the really long line (Krispy Kream style)

Food: their is a diference between “mantecado”(ice cream) and “helado” (sorbet) which is that one is milk based and the other is water based. here we have all the colors and flavors under the rainbow and all of them are delicious from super gourmet like amaretto to super weird like arroz con abichuelas (rice and beans). They have also more than 100 ever changing flavors to choose from so the flavor you chose now might not be there the next time. Some of the most common are carrot cake, corn, pistachio, arroz con leche o con dulce (rice based desserts), tembleque, dulce de leche (milk that has been cooked until caramelized), etc. All very natural, guilt free, homemade from scratch.

Comment: there is always, and a mean always a line here the place is super small so you might want to eat outside is your claustrophobic; this is the second or third longest line I’ve ever seen (making the line to see the Vatican and to eat at Krispy Kream the longest). For the love of God don’t make the long trip to Lares to order vanilla or chocolate or any of those other flavor you find back at home, don’t waist your time being such a picky eater and be adventurous for once in your life.

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