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Hello Fresh

Hello fresh is a meal subscription box where you choose how many and which meals you want. You can choose 2-5 meals per week for 2-4 people. Meal plans include meat, vegetarian, low calorie and family friendly. It doesn’t let you put in your profile if you have any allergies but you can swap meals and substitute ingredients. Everything arrives insulated, on time and with instructions. It doesn’t include breakfast in the subscription but they do have a receipt box with tons of breakfast and dessert options.

For my first box I chose the apricot chicken, pork tenderloin and veggie burrito. Everything was fairly easy to make since it doesnt require advanced cooking skills. However, it not always clear the temperature of the oven so assume its 450 F.

The only thing that I did different is that I used sauces and some additional spices as marinade instead of seasoning the meat only with salt and pepper. I also substituted the cheese and sour cream for vegan versions. All the cooking time indicated was fairly accurate, I did take more than usual since I was filming and cooking at the same time.

I recommend to freeze the food so it docent go bad on you and alternate the meals so you have variety during the week.

These photos below are the instructions

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This is the final result!

Full video of the review and cooking!

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