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I scream for Ice cream!

Type: my medicinal cure for all my worries and stress and life is short so eat dessert first; or just ice scream.Address: where everKids: hell yes, but caution do not lead then to be more hyper than they already are.Price: lets just put it this way from expensive to cheapHäagen-dazsBasking RobinsPiu BelloBen and JerryMaggie MooseService: they are so nice you can try all flavors for free. excellent strategy to keep you in the ice scream parlor is to sell you extra treats like frapuchinos, brownies, cookies, cakes, pints, etc.Food: fruit flavors are my favorite. I’m a sucker for cookies and cream. The “it smore fun than a camp fire” and “smore stastic” or something like that; from two different stores have a common cause that is to remind you of a smore but have different flavors.Comment: if calories are your concern light splenda versions are good, if calories are not a concern the big “a family can eat dinner with this” versions are good too. if your a middle person like me the normal small size cup (1 scoop) of fruit ice scream or “the pie who loved me” is great.

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