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Il Mulino

Type: ItalianAddress: Ritz Carlton San JuanParking: Valet Parking OnlyPrice: $100 on normal days, special menu everything 50% off and a 2 for the price of 1 on winekids: yesService: the place is pricey but its totally worth it. the service is top  notch. They are super considerate with food allergies, because they know what to recommend and you don’t have to feel restricted because of the pasta or sauces. You want a specific sauce, done; you want gluten free pasta, done. they cook part of the meals outside the main kitchen just to finish them off. As you can see in the pictures its quite entertaining when they lite things of fire. They are also good at paring wines with your food and telling you each and every ingredient in them. The place is big but you might want to make reservations the special price menu is only available from 6-8 pm approximately and the place gets full quickly. They also bring flashlights to read the menu because the lights are at really dim setting.Food: they start off with a big block of Parmesan cheese, when I saw it I was like “If I could eat cheese I would run off with it”, so delicious melt in your mouth salty goodness that I had to try a teeny tiny piece, I couldn’t resist. Then they serve Italian sausage and fried fig fries, one is salty spicy and the other sweet and delicate, so addictive. Gives me ideas for an upscale movie night, instead of popcorn, serve this. Before the main plates they serve a selection of breads you can choose with herbs, sweet, spicy, regular, fruity. In the 3 course meal we had salad and mussels. The mussels were made two ways breaded and in tapas with tomatoes. The salad was peppery, simple, fresh and the mussels were super well cooked and had a summery flavor with the tomatoes. For main course I had the frutti di mare with gluten free pasta, I didn’t eat the plate nor any other peoples plates because I had to mind my manners in front of the people my family invited. It was that good. The others ordered fish, risotto and steak and chicken. All fresh, well cooked, tender, very simple yet full of flavor. To finish the rest of the table ordered tiramisu and cheesecake, I tried a little and it was dreamy. To my surprise they gave me fresh fruits for dessert. I was happy.

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