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Jardin Botanico de Caguas all familyaddress:parking: yesprice: Precio de Entrada:Adultos (13+ años) $7.00Niños (7 a 12 años) $4.00Tercera edad (60+ )$4.00working hours  10:00 am a 4:00 pmfood: criollo, they cook with fire. your classic grandmother dishes. fo more details read you can walk but you can also take the train they have. they also have a butterfly exibition, taino scultures, a cafetalera procesing plant exibition, anexibition of trees that are endangered species or for medicinal purposes, an representation of an old criollo home, a really pretty pond you can ride a paddle boat. it is very fun and educationalcomment: come early, it tends to get full around lunch time. the photos you see are of an annual festival done during christmas time where they open the place during the night and have artisans, music, food, animals, and other events

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