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La Bombonera (to reopen in 2013)

Type: Criollo Address: 259 Calle San Francisco Viejo San Juan Kids: hell yes Price: less than $30 Parking: no, walking is easier Food: Excellent, if you have gone here and not eaten a mallorca you dont know what your missing or you have not experienced the most delicious gift of the heavens cloud of dough you have ever tasted! also there are really huge sandwiches, pastries, breakfast and lunch, famous people, distracting pastries (mentioned it twice to enfasize the fact that they are so darn good you cant take you mind off of them). 110 years of experience, leave mallorcas to the experts. Service: they are really friendly, they have two systems they attend you if you sitting in the table or if your sitting in the bar you have to call them; no worries either is preety fast but you have to keep an eye so they dont burn your mallorca, if they do they’ll make you another for free. Comment: arrive early rush hour here is making a line outside for a table you can also order mallorcas and what you want ahead and pick them up, i think they also deliver. Updates: April: this Historic Icon on the verge of closing because of the high electric bills they have to pay, the bad economy, a currently bad cruse-ship season and no help from the government; people are calling for an urgent action to save Old San Juan not just to save Bombonera but all the other iconic restaurants in the area have closed or are on the verge of closing. December: on the next week that i had said that they were on the verge of closing they did get to close La bomobenra closes and where going to sell everything and manage the inheritance but with the help of the government and different agencies they were able to save saving la bombonera it and are planning to reopen La bombonera reopens in the summer of 2013. i hope that when they do its good food and classic charm is not gone. this is a sign that is we do join our forces for the common good and support the local economy everything is possible. i know its hard work but with it comes rewards like saving restaurants for example and may be one day the economy. we just have to make choices and use money wisely.

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