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Latte que Latte coffee shop, casualaddress: 273 Av. Ing. Manuel Domenech, San Juan, 00918parking: very limitedkids: yesprice: $0-10open: Mon-Fri:7:15 am-6:00 pm Sat:8:30 am-2:00 pmfood: the have sandwiches, cakes, cookies, brownies, and of course coffee. the coffee is super delicious, i loved it, they have almond and soy milk!, i tried the latte, they made a pretty flour in my coffee, they make it so pretty you’ll be sad you drank the art and happy at the same time because its so darn good. also try the cookie/waffle, their signature cookie is heavenly and light, with cinnamon sugar, its perfect with coffee. i have to return to try some of the food, when i visited i was short on time and just tried the coffee. also try the quesitos, flanes, and other desserts. they also have a special menu that changes every day.service: the are outstanding, they are a family that do everything with love and care. they even hired a homeless person to help him earn some $, he is so nice. they also sell the cookie/waffle to help victims of domestic violence get jobs and new homes. they also have helped the salvation army, they are participants of cafe pendiente, buy local coffee and do lots of stuff. you can also order takeout, yeay coffee to go! i also loved thier furniture, they have a mismatched quircky style, with antiques, vintage stuff, and paintings/grafitti on the walls.i met them at the coffee and chocolate expo and told them about Probono vivid and the video that we were making and the activity that was going to be made to present it. we made an exchange we visited the place and they came to the activity. i also said that i was going to make a review, so here it is! love your coffee!

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