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Logans Irish Pub

Type: pub food

Parking: yes, but not allot and its a bit uncomfortable

Price: affordable

Kids: preferably over 18

Service: a bit slow and always seem to be in a rush to attend you like if they got so many people to give service to in an empty bar. i suggest you go to the bar and order what your going to eat because they are not going to your table to ask and neither are they going to seat you.

Food: the tortilla ships with pico de gallo and sour cream, the not so spicy wings, and the burgers are enough to come here. the majority of the things to eat are finger food.

Comment: people usually come here for the free/discounts food they receive on their birthdays, games, holidays, etc. come early for good parking

pubs have never been my thing; they just make me feel like the socially awkward penguin. i don’t go to hang out alone or with my boyfriend, unless your like my super bff  and you’ve invited me for something important like your birthday.

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