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Meat market

Type: meat eaters paradiseaddress: hotel san juan resort and casinoparking: hotel parkingprice: $100 per personkids: adult kids preferablyfood: it is worth every single penny. it is out of this world good. i tried the Chinese/Caribbean style rids, the duck, and the sorbets. the ribs aren’t your traditional Chinese fast food ribs these ribs are food of the heavens. the duck tastes like a BBQ stake and i still ask myself why i needed a knife because it was super tender. the sorbets are home made and i was trying to be modest by ordering just one flavor but they do bring you all 3 flavors available.service: this is the kind of restaurant that goes above a 5 star service. it has a Miami vibe and style that people like, transports you to another place. the only thing that i wasn’t particularly fond of was that i noticed that they have some type of super model requisites for recruiting waitresses and a “little black dress” uniform (which quite frankly i wouldn’t call a dress that makes me feel like a nun when i compared myself to them a “uniform”)comment: make reservations, it is a new place and it will be full and hard t get a table

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