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Mercado Urbano @ Ventana al Mar Condado Urbano is held every last sunday of the month in Ventana al Mar in Condado, this in front of Budatai, near la Concha Hotel.They are here from 9am to 5pm.The event has a lot of local products from soaps, candles, jewelry, sauces, hot sauce, fried food, snacks, paintings, honey, coffee, candy, vegetables, fruits, ice cream, coconut water, decorations, drinks like lemonade, natural punches, and rum, pork, sangria, books, cheese, herbs, jams, jelly, sunglasses, clothes, accesories, you name it they have it.I suggest you come early and with a large bag to be able to handle the things you buy. Wear confortable clothes, tennis shoes, a hat and sunglasses, and  come early to get good parking and because from noon to the end of the activity it gets packed with people.You can bring your kids, its fun for them, they have activities to keep them entertained.The local products can be a bit expensive since they are renting the space for the day and they need to cover cost but its worth a few extra dollars for a good quality product that you know its made in PR. Supporting the local economy is important and the only way you can lower price is to increase its demand (economy 101).Ventana al mar is a great place to hang out and the Mercado is not the only activity held here, people go here for the Heineken Jazz Fest and the Movie Nights.We tried some alcapurrias, limbers (they are like popsicles with out the stick), cheeses, the hot sauce and an herb mix with lavander. I obviously took a lot of photos and shared my business card with everyone i could.I had a great time and plan to return as soon as i can.via PressSync

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