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Obrigado-FacebookAddress: Plaza Olmedo next to StarbucksType: CafeParking: limitedPrice: $10 ave.Service: they are very nice, they have internet and tables for you to work on your computer or just lounge to enjoy your breakfast or lunch. they are very considerate of people with allergies and can change foods to meet your needs. They have a lot of local products on their menu. Way better than Starbucks because it has more options for me to eat and its a less busy place. I do suggest to come early to get a good parking. I studied there one day and it’s really comfortable.Food: it is light, delicious and healthy. They have chicken, turkey, and vegetarian sandwiches (gluten-free bread available), great coffee (with a variety of lactose-free milk available), wraps, smoothies, soups, pizza and snacks (cookies, brownies, etc.) Most things are vegetarian and sometimes vegan. I tried a Turkey sandwich, an acai smoothie, and a lentil soup, my mom tried the chicken sandwich. They have the everyday menu and a special menu that changes every day.

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