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Pico Rodadero

Getting Here

If you get lost because of the lack of signal, look for route 2, 3375 and 375


What to Bring

  1. sunscreen

  2. bug repellent

  3. water

  4. food and snacks

  5. comfortable clothing

  6. hiking shoes/ shoes that have grip- I used my spikeless golf shoes

  7. hat/cap

  8. backpack

  9. camera and drone if you have one

  10. Most importantly: Friends to enjoy the experience!

The trail

The first part of the trail has a marked path that is pretty narrow and muddy. You’ll start slowly going up, you know you’re heading the right direction when you see the rope tied to the trees. Use it to go up to the first flat area where the cross is located. Photo Below:

The second part is a bit trickier because you’ll have to go through a trail surrounded by rocks. Be careful because there many dead ends leading to the cliff. The only part where I was a total damsel in distress was when we had to jump from one rock to another because it was more efficient than going down to the space between them. Photo Below of second flat area:

Use same trail to go down. Be careful because if its muddy. If you feel like you’re slipping constantly, sit down in the ground and go down like that. That’s what I did. I might be scared of heights but that doesn’t stop me.

Where to Eat

We went to Hacienda Maribó in Adjuntas. The restaurant specializes in Argentinian Food. The place has indoor and outdoor seating with views of the mountains. I recommend that you make reservations.

  1. Main dish: I recommend the Parrillada, there is a half and a double but the half is plenty for two people. All the meat is perfectly cooked and seasoned.

  2. Sides: try the mofongo and tostones.

  3. Starters, the arancini and chorizos. Ask for the guava sauce.

  4. Drink try the mojito.


Enjoy the Pictures!

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