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Pinoli (CLOSED)

Pinoli Concept: Authentic Italian Food

Address: 414 Ave. De Diego, Puerto Nuevo San Juan, Puerto Rico

Parking: yes, and yes there is valet parking

Kid Friendly?: well yeah it has the same pasta Alfredo or chicken with cheese as Macaroni and Grill but WAY better

Service: excellent, it so great your can practice your amateur Italian with the waiters and the chef. Fancy, it feels like your in an Italian Bistro in Rome.

Food: its not your typical Macaroni and Grill, this is REAL Italian Food done by a real Italian chef with real Italian waiters. Anyways, it’s flavorful, fresh and heavenly.

Price: cheaper than Budatai, like $100 more or less (for a family of 3)

Comments: since no one knows a real authentic Italian restaurant exists because they are so fascinated with the upscale fast food of Macaroni, it will have at least 5 tables full even if its 8 pm; so you can come whenever time you want. Coming early will make the chef and waiters who are smoking outside run toward the kitchen; this is totally normal…i know thins because my family does this all the time.

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