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Piu Bello restaurants

Type: dinner/ gelato parlor

Price: $30-50 a bit pricey for just 2 sandwiches, drinks and 2 gelatos

Parking: some establishments have other don’t

Food: I recently discovered that Piu Bello other that having super awesome out of this world gelato they also have kind of a pub/dinner menu. like sandwiches (gyro, club, Cuban, Mexican, etc.) which are really good and tasty and finger licking good. they also have a huge breakfast menu, pizza to share, salads, appetizers, beers, and pastas.

Service: i bit slow and disorganized, specially when only a few couples are around to attend. on they pricey part they do compensate with this amazing new groupon stuff that actually works! go to Groopanda and buy they Piu Bello offer, for a meal for 2 that your going to pay easily $40 pay $16. the offer says consume $20 and just pay $8 on breakfast, lunch or dinner. the offer is only available in Piu Bello Isla Verde.

Comment: not for those who are in a rush, be paitient and relax. you dont have to worry of coming early jut the parking, if thats the case.

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