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Que Pasta

Type: really slow and expensive pasta bar

Location: Plaza las americas below the new crocs store

Parking: plaza las americas parking

Price:$10-20 depending on how much ingredients

Kids: yes

Food: be prepared for the small misleading serving of pasta that will magically fill you up; its good a bit salty but fresh made at the moment food. don’t go crazy with ingredients they charge for each of them, so a simple pesto linguine with chicken will reach $10.

Service: be prepared to wait, since the pasta is cooked when ordered and you cant leave the line. they take their restaurant name to the next level of what “Que pasta” means. In Puerto Rico pasta has many meanings; it means “what a great pasta” and “they are taking all the time in the world for this”

Comments: don’t go at lunch hour, order the smallest serving and just one ingredient other than the salsa.

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