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Restaurante Bagua criollo, internationalAddress: Cll María Moczo, San Juan, 00911 Near calle LoizaPrice: $30 person maybe less if you don’t order alcoholParking: limited but its supervised by a guardService: the service is excellent! fully bilingual and super considerate to food allergies. they modify food to your needs or tell you which ones are already suitable and don’t need modification. They are fast and know the menu from top to bottom. the place is small so if you go to dinner late make reservations. It is a great place to relax, have a drink, some food and then hang out in calle loiza. The place is tricky to find because it’s not in Calle loiza but in a street that you have to be in Loiza to get there.Food: I tried the filet mignon and trifongo (yuca, plantain and sweet plantain) and my boyfriend tried octopus with salad (the octopus was spicy because it was marinated in sriracha and the salad had guanabana dressing. when i tried his dish it was so delicious i had a total foodie/ food network star moment saying “the spiciness of the octopus contrasts beautifully with the dressing, you have something that explodes your taste buds and then some thing that cools it down”. My trifongo was addictivly good and the meat perfectly cooked. Try the sangria which is freshly made and has various flavors, we tried the parcha sangria. I didn’t try the deserts because the had lactose and/or gluten.

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