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Romantic Picnic

Things you’ll need for your romantic picnic:

  1. pick a romantic place. For example, El Morro at sunset. If you are going to El Morro take some time to find parking and come early. We almost canceled because we couldn’t find one easily. you can also go to the beach or a park or a botanical garden. Taking a stroll first to work up the appetite.

  2. buy a picnic basket

  3. get a giant towel or a blanket or cloth large enough for the both of you and the food

  4. fill the basket with delicious things you both like. for example we filled ours with fruits (strawberries and grapes), assortment of hams and corn chips with spicy salsa dip. you can also bring baked goods like cookies, brownies and cupcakes. Also sandwiches or wraps, nothing complicated that will be easy to transport and doesn’t require lots of cooking.

  5. get some wine, wine glasses and a bottle opener. it will be even more romantic if you buy your significant other’s favorite wine. It doesn’t have to be necessarily wine, it can be beer or any other alcohol but the point it that it has to be your significant others favorite.

  6. get them something special, that they will love like flowers, chocolate, candy, etc. My boyfriend got be red tulips ❤

  7. get some electric candles (the ones that are all plastic and don’t have a flame). it will start to get dark and it will add to the romance

  8. make sure you both stay hydrated if you go to El Morro. Its a long walk and despite it being winter it can be a hot sunny day.

  9. check the weather and take some small umbrellas just in case

  10. set up the picnic in a place where you can have a great view. Check for ants and insects!

  11. take a plastic bag and napkins to clean up

  12. take lots of pictures and have fun!

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