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Ruth Chris

Type:traditional steakhouse Americana foodAddress: old bankers club and in Hotel Inter-ContinentalPrice: $50 person or moreKids: yesParking: yesFood: 100% guaranteed excellent food, the best in the world meats, super high quality sea food. they do consider your allergies just in case, it worked for me :). the meat is cooked in a way that you dont need a knife to cut it because its so tender and juicyService: like if they have known you forever, super considerate of your likes and needs, they make it super personalComment: The old bankers club is a place to see and be seen, all the high class or wanna be high class people of the hato rey area that are high ranking/status in the big companies go here to “eat” (socialize really). the history behind this almost high schoolish popularity contest is that bankers was a members only restaurant that existed back when there was a better economy. the bankers club was the only restaurant in the island with a formal attire (suit and tie/bowtie) rule; if you didnt have a suit you had to wear the “suit of shame” which was ugly has hell …yellow and black checker board with  multi color stripes, so traumatizing to all men that when the place closed  and became Ruth Chris all men came with suit and tie. as the years passed without a change in menu, the economy went down the drain, businesses closed, and Bankers became empty. people no longer wanted the exclusiveness and monotony of bankers and searched for something new and fresh.I’m not saying that im high class and I need to be seen, I dont crave attention nor what to become a socialite. For me Ruth Chris is a place for special occasions and not a place where you go everyday just to show off the world how much money you have.

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