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Sangria (closed)

Sangríaconcept: global cuisineaddress: infront of logans (bet you know how to get there), Calle Alda 1577 Urb. Caribe Río Piedras, PR

price: $30-50 per person

kids menu: yes there are things your picky eaters will love

food: they offer a healthy whole grain bread with homemade butter, a different flavor everytime, delicious. try the rissotto, the churrasco, the barrigitas de vieja (pumpking dumplings), the fish, well everthing; never fails and you love it!

service: great, they really know what they are doing. great knowledge about wine too.

comment: you can come at any time, it is a a restuarant to relax and enjoy, no rush no tons of people. creppes are delicious too!

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