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Siglo XX

http://sigloxxpr.comtype: criollo and spanish foodaddress: Calle Fortaleza #355, Viejo San Juan[tb_google_map]parking: limited, i suggest parking in Doña Fela’s and walkkids: yesprice: $30 avefood: its a never fail to be great and filling meal. It has all your favorite Criollo fried finger food to classic paella. I tried the grilled chicken and my parents the skirt stake and lamb chops. All tender, juicy, and perfectly done. Don’t try to eat the plate or lick it, I know it a temptation but you must try to get a hold of yourself while eating. I  had “casquitos” of papaya with cheese (guess who ate the cheese? hint: not me!) and I was a happy are some other food items that are safe for gluten and lactose free eaters:

#SanJuan #sigloxx #ViejoSanJuan

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