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Siglo XX

http://sigloxxpr.comtype: criollo and spanish foodaddress: Calle Fortaleza #355, Viejo San Juan[tb_google_map]parking: limited, i suggest parking in Doña Fela’s and walkkids: yesprice: $30 avefood: its a never fail to be great and filling meal. It has all your favorite Criollo fried finger food to classic paella. I tried the grilled chicken and my parents the skirt stake and lamb chops. All tender, juicy, and perfectly done. Don’t try to eat the plate or lick it, I know it a temptation but you must try to get a hold of yourself while eating. I  had “casquitos” of papaya with cheese (guess who ate the cheese? hint: not me!) and I was a happy are some other food items that are safe for gluten and lactose free eaters:

service: super considerate with allergies, the waiters know the menu from top to bottom, so they know what to recommend. The chef is also flexible with the food items, meaning if you want your mofongo made with olive oil instead of butter, he will make it happen.comment: its a relax environment most of the day, except for lunch time. Here many business people come to have meetings, eat lunch or dinner, have business activities, family birthdays and have morning coffee before going to work.

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