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Special Ed: Brio ItalianPrice:$30 aveParking: depends, but usually has a lotKids: yesService: they are really nice, fast and they know what to recommend when you don’t know what to eat. the ambiance and atmosphere is nice, the services is great. i suggest you come early or make reservations because at around 8pm it gets packed. some of these chain restaurants are starting to  quit giving the bread when you are seated so don’t be surprised you find yourself asking for it. it is a very similar concept to olive garden and cheesecake factory. its a great place to relax, have a great time and eat something light.Food: they have a gluten free menu, not exactly lactose free but you can say to the waiter to make it lactose free. i suggest you order appetizers or share your entree because the portions are big. they also have a bar and light menus available. we tried some calamari, salads and chicken, they were all nice, light, well cooked and seasoned. i have heard that the bar experience is also great with their drinks like blackberry cosmo. they don’t have gluten free desserts. they don’t have a large selection of wines, but if you do order at least i heard they are a good quality selection.

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