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Special Ed: Flying Fish Cafe Seafood/AmericanAddress: Disney’s Boardwalk Entertainment DistrictKids: older kids are okPrice: $30 ave. may be more if you order wineParking: the hotels parkingFood: the food is great. try the steaks they are very tender and juicy. you must try the fish too, they are super fresh. they also have sorbets, creme brule and apple pie. they have black spaghetti which cool and dont freak out its not bad spaghetti its has octopus ink, its what gives it color. they have vegan and vegetarian menu items.Service: they are very considerate towards people with allergies, they suggest items on the menu if you dont know what your ordering.they are included in the meal plan. if have to wait i suggest you go outside and take a walk, its good to see the lake and take some fresh air, the hotel is really pretty. the food is platted in a very unique way, so its appealing to your eyes and stomach. i suggest you make reservations and come early the place gets full and fast

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