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Special Ed: Grand Lux Cafe american and internationalAddress:Location: Sawgrass Mills1780 Sawgrass Mills CircleSunrise, FL 33323Price:$30-50Parking: mall parkingkids: yesservice: they are from the same creators of Cheesecake Factory, so you will find some similar stuff. they are really nice and considerate with food allergies. the menu indicates which items are gluten free. they are fast despite the fact that they are always full. the menu is designed so you can choose appetizers are your meal or entrees as your meal. the good thing about appetizers is that you can eat a variety of stuff and try all the good stuff if its our first time. come here ahead of time or make we had fried calamari, empanadas, ceviche, tacos, salad, key lime pie and creme brule. every thing was fresh, well cooked and delicious. i was happy by the fact that i could eat the creme brule because it was gluten free. the ceviche was refreshing and light and the salad had some nice avocados for the tortilla chips. i tried a bit of key lime pie and it was great. we also had white wine perfect for the summer.

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