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Special Ed: Le Macaron french cafe and dessertsAddress: condado and guaynabo, PR; France and Miami Altamonte Springs, FL 32701Parking: depends on the place, but generally it has parkingKids: yesPrice: $15 for a box of 6, $30 for a box of 12, $50 for a box of 20, $75 for a box of 30Service: they are really nice and considerate to people who have never had a macaron. they will tell you the story about the macarons, a french gluten and lactose free cookie made with many flavors, delicate and colorful. on a curious side note they also taught me something new its spelled macaron not macaroon.Food: they let you choose a free macaron of any flavor. they have coffee, pastries and depending on the store candies. the come in many flavors: vanilla, chocolate, ginger, pistachio, rose, mango, strawberry, caramel, lavender, walnut, orange chocolate, mint chocolate, ginger bread, coconut, lemon, raspberry, and currant. they are very soft, light and oh so delicious. this is the gluten- lactose free paradise! the candies are of hard chocolate, colorful and almost look like shiny jewelry, too pretty too eat.

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