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Special Ed: Olivia’s Cafe American/CaribbeanAddress: Disney’s Old Key West ResortParking: near the hotel lobby, next to the mini super marketkids: yesprice: $15-30 aveService: they are super nice and very considerate towards food allergies, they are super fast and have a very relaxed atmosphere, they make sure your breakfast is  as enjoyable as possible. It feels like a vacation inside the vacation you’re already having. you can also eat outside if you want some fresh air. overall the hotel experience was great and we had a kitchen at our room and we could go to the mini market that connects to the restaurant when we had late night cravings, the restaurant closes early.

Food: me and my friends ate for breakfast ham and cheese sandwiches, eggs, and mango frappe. for lunch we had salad, burgers and key lime pie (try it! its over the top delicious). they can make you stuff to go, take stuff to your room, and have a table available at any time ( reservations are just a formality because the place doesn’t get very full)

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