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After 5 years of not going outside PR for a vacation because of the economy, my family and I were finally able to go to San Francisco! 1 week of pure fun! The thing that i was most concerned about that i have gone to other trips before, way before the blog started and with out me knowing about the food allergies, so this was my first trips with the food allergies. i found it kind of interesting because many confused being allergic to gluten and lactose to being vegan. so to places that didn’t get the food allergies at first,  i explained to them what things contain gluten and that i could eat meat; the fact that you are allergic to lactose doesn’t make you vegan. other places, it was easy to explain, i just had to say it to the waiter, and all was to be taken care of because they had it marked on food items or at the end of the menu “gluten free, vegan, vegetarian options available”Be ready for some erratic weather, you’ll need long sleeve shirts, spaghetti strap shirts to wear underneath the long-sleeves, light coat and winter coat. yes all of that for summer. yes, you heard me summer. its cold all the time in San Francisco, the complete opposite to PR, where its always hot.its pretty easy to get lost in San Francisco since allot of roads are closed for fixing and construction; so i recommend a gps to get around.

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http://sfrecpark.org/reservablefacility/union-square/union square: there is an exhibition of hearts in the union square and pier 39 that are nearly impossible to take photos of without people on them; you’ll at least get a little kid in front of it or beside it trying to hug it. the union square is famous for its  outdoor activities from concerts, festivals, games, fashion shows, restaurant, and more. we went to the J-pop festival and an MBA activity by pure accident, we didn’t know they were having it there.

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http://sfrecpark.org/destination/telegraph-hill-pioneer-park/coit-tower/coit tower: in honor to the fireman who helped in the great earthquake, its looks like a fireman’s water hose. the line can be long so get here early, and the good thing is there’s an elevator that takes you up and just 2 flights of stairs.  best thing about is the 360 view. i found it cool that the elevator has the old lever mechanism still there even though it dosent work anymore and they have a digital system now.

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