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Special Ed: The Fountain american lunch and dinnerAddress: Walt Disney World DolphinParking: the hotels parkingPrice: $30 aveKids: yesService: the service is great, very considerate to food allergies, you can talk to the chef and waiters to indicate what you need. they are a bit slow, i went here just when they opened and i had to wait a bit for my burger. the place is just by the entrance of the lobby, so its easy to find. i considered it a bit expensive for the little food choices that it serves but i think the price its because of the portions.Food: the food is great, i tried a burger with gluten and lactose free bread and my best friend had a chocolate shake. the shakes are big so order the smallest size.the hotel area is split in 2 areas the dolphin and swan hotel they both hall a mini mall, restaurant and rooms, the swan is the pyramid shaped hotel and the other is the one with the huge fishes in the entrance.

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