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Special Ed: Vizcaya a.m. to 4:30 p.m. all week except tuesdaysAdmission

  1. Adult – $18

  2. Child 6-12 – $6

  3. Children 5 and under – Free

  4. Seniors 62 and older with ID – $12

  5. Students with ID – $10 university/college ID works too! it worked for me!

  6. Visitors using wheelchairs – $10

  7. Veterans and active duty military personnel only with ID – Free

You can tour the house on your own, have guided tour, or have a audio tour.It has limited parking so come early.A spectacular 100 year old house with European architecture (mostly Italian and French) built by Deering, Chalfin, Hoffman and Suarez. It was a summer home for the Deering family, which had a lot of money due to there Harvesting Company.Its a large home with three floors: the first has the gardens, the kitchens, dinning rooms, and saloons; the second the family bedrooms and the third the rooms for guests and other family members. the gardens are much like Versailles, with labyrinth like shrubs, statues, painted ceilings and orquids.For the third floor take turns going up, only 2-3 people at a time can go up, its a small space with low ceilings.Most of the rooms are closed off to preserve them.If you don’t want to go inside you can access the gardens for free, these surround the home like if if was a home in the woods, its nice for a leisurely stroll to enjoy nature and architecture.The only thing i wasn’t so fond of was the spiral stairs, i’m terrified of them.The shop has a lot of pretty jewelry, things for the house, a coffee shop, plants, perfumes, lotions, scrubs, and these amazing crystal orquid necklaces that are to die for.They have an organ that is still functional and they play it on special events, the have activities for kids, and the first floor is accessible for people in wheelchairs. The inside and gardens can be reserved, rented out and used for activities, photoshoots, birthdays, etc.Its a great place to relax, have a good time and enjoy the home and nature. via PressSync

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