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Special Ed: Yachtsman Stakehouse StakehouseAddress: Disney’s Yacht Club ResortPrice: $30-60 per personKids: yesParking: yesService: they are a 5 star excellent service, you get what you pay for! Worth the wait and the price! They treat you like royalty,and recommend things when you don’t know what to choose. Make reservations and come early.Food: Come with a craving for meat and an appetite. There is allot of variety from the shy 8 oz to the not so shy 32 oz. They are all cut at the moment from the meats at the fridge you see at the entrance and cooked perfectly. All juicy, tender, crispy outside, and so good.Believe me its so good you’ll say ” I want one of everything, please”I ordered for dessert ice cream. I was a bit confused when they asked “want tofutti?” and I was like “what’s tofutti?”. Here’s the answer, tofutti: its a brand specialized in soy based desserts Everyone at the table though it was tofu based ice cream, I didn’t care, its ice cream, how can I say no to ice cream?

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