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Swiss Bistro swiss/ europeanAddress: near auroritasPrice: $30-50Parking: limitedKids: yesService: a bit disorganized; you will have like 3-5 waiters attending your table and you will have to repeat what you ordered to each one of them. The food takes a little bit of time but its worth the wait. The business hours a bit weird. they are very considerate with food allergies, they will work the menu around for your convenienceMiércoles a Sábado de 12:00md3:00pm y 6:00pm – 9:00pmDomingo a Lunes Lunch BuffetFood: the food is great, tender meats, great fries, and deserts. try the merengue its so good! also try the sausage. the food is on this restaurant is on of those thing that you’ll say “give me one of everything on the menu, please”.Comment: make reservations, the place is small

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