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The gluten free life after hurricane Maria

After hurricane Maria you might be asking how I’m eating during these days. Here is list of things that are gluten free and where to get them for those having the same or similar issues (like your vegan or vegetarian). I hope this helps.If you live in the metro area of the island or you are near a supermarket or someone that sells these products. If you don’t live in the metro area or don’t have a supermarket open, there might be a neighbor who is a farmer that might sell these things or a church that collects these things to donate to your area.Where to get these things

  1. Churches

  2. Supermarkets

  3. Econo

  4. Cash and Carry’s

  5. Supermax

  6. Small shop at the gasoline stand

  7. Walmart

  8. Costco

  9. Sams

  10. Individual Selles: I’ve seen the usual “Verdurero” stand in the street, but a lot of people sell stuff right in the front of their homes. I’ve seen sandwiches (not gluten-free), clothes, ice, kabobs, shoes, other easy to prepare foods, and water sold on the street.

Usually donated:

  1. Anything that doesn’t need to be refrigerated

  2. Anything Canned

  3. Tuna

  4. Chicken

  5. Beans

  6. Salsa

  7. UHT Milk (not lactose-free) or Cremola (powdered milk sometimes lactose free)

  8. Rice

  9. Water

  10. Ramen or easy to make pasta (not gluten free)

  11. Prepared meals: sometimes packaged, other times served buffet style.

Can be found in supermarkets and individual sellers

  1. Vianda: yucca, yautia, cassava, malanga, taro and sweet potatoes, green plantains

  2. Fruits

  3. Vegetables

  4. Nuts (careful if you have allergies)

  5. If you cat finds sugar, honey is a bit more easily found.

  6. Water

Usually found in supermarkets

  1. Lactose-free milk: soy, nut-based milk, banana milk, Lactaid, etc.

  2. Roasted Chicken

  3. Ice

  4. Water

  5. Already prepared meals

  6. Meat: If you are lucky to find meat, Careful! Check the meat before buying! Many supermarkets have the meat area closed because they limited electric power. The greatest losses of stores have been their meat sections because of the loss of electricity. If your vegan, at least you don’t have to worry about this.

I’ve heard on the radio that the best time to go vegetarian/vegan is now its surprisingly easy. So yeah had no issues whatsoever with changing what I eat.

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