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Things to do and where to eat in Washington DC

Things to do


All Smithsonian and government owned museums are free!

Air and Space: One of the smaller Smithsonian museums that is great for kids. The have the whole first floor filled with activities and interactive stuff. If you’re an adult who loves all things about space this is the museum for you. They are recently renovating so I would wait a little bit before going so you can see everything.

African-American: One of the best museums I’ve visited. It has 5 floors arranged chronologically about African-American history. To see it in its full glory you should start from the basement and work your way up. It covers slavery, segregation, discrimination, declaration of independence, pop culture, hip-hop, Martin Luther King Jr., the Obama’s, music, movies, Olympics, and a lot of important historical figures.

Natural History: Another museum great for kids and its huge. Its divide into themes, fossils, gems, ocean life, human evolution, mammals, and viruses. It has a lot of interactive stuff and activities. Each floor has a gift shop. Get here early because after lunch there will be a line.

National Gallery of Art: if you like American art this is the museum for you. The place is huge and its kind of a maze but its worth it. They currently are exhibiting Da Vinci, Monet and Van Gogh.

Newseum: $25 per adult for entry. It is arranged in chronological orderrr from handwritten newspapers, printing presses, first commercial news paper, first full color, and online. It has special exhibits for important historical events that change every month. The 9/11 exhibit has a trigger warning.

Spy Museum: $23 per adult for entry. A museum great for kids, 007 fans and people who like spy tech. It has a lot of stuff for kids to play with and all the famous 007 gadgets.

Holocaust Museum: you have to make a reservation online to enter but admission is free. They accept donations for survivors, victims, anti-semitism and genocide prevention. This is a museum for the whole family but some areas do have a trigger warning.

National Portrait Gallery: Here you will see all the presidential portraits.

White House: You need a reservation to be able to enter. Basically this photo is the closest you will ever get.

Supreme Court: A museum that has provides the history and paintings of the Supreme Court.

Congress: Notorious for its library and statutes. It is going through renovations so it might be partially closed.


Washington memorial: You can go up to the top with reservations. Its a nice place to walk around and see everything.

Lincoln Memorial: One of the most important monuments in the area. This is where Martin Luther King Jr. said his famous “I had a dream” speech.

Korean War Veterans Memorial: a small memorial that feels like the statutes are real.

Word War II Memorial: a huge memorial with fountains and pillars for each state.


Martin Luther King Jr. Memorial: A hidden memorial that simulates two huge boulders

Thomas Jefferson Memorial: a monument in a small island, you can get here and take awesome pictures.

Where to eat

Paul’s Bakery: This restaurant offers delicious bakery items like donuts, bagels, and croissants. Also, parfaits, omelets and really good coffee. Everyone ordered an omelette with different ingredients.

Le Pain Quotidien: One of the best places we went for breakfast. They offer a lot of vegetarian, vegan and gluten free options. I ordered this gluten free and vegan frittata.

MXDC Cocina Mexicana: a casual restaurant that offers tacos, burritos, quesadillas and margaritas. I ordered this carnita tacos with sangria.

Food Trucks: one of the cheapest options around and they are really good. You can taste international food that is pretty authentic.

Enjoy the photos!


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