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Visit Puerto Rico!

Note: if you want to donate to the earthquake victims you can go here: There are others that are accepting donations to ensure that supplies are actually given to people. Do not donate to the government!

Note: Despite the earthquakes, I do encourage visiting Puerto Rico because there are many artisans, restaurants, landmarks and businesses that are dependent on tourism and locals investing in local economy. Earthquakes are unusual for this area than say Hurricanes which have a season from September to November.

Please click the links that provide more information on my personal experiences and take you to the official websites/social media accounts.

Are you American? If, yes bring Passport and Real-ID. If not a valid US visa is ok.

How to get here?

The main airport is San Juan Luis Munoz Marin Airport (SJU), the other airports are Aguadilla, Ponce, Mayagüez, and Ceiba.

You can get here by cruise ship! There many cruises like Carnival, Celebrity, Norwegian, Radisson and others.

What to bring?

  1. bathing suit

  2. sunblock

  3. comfortable clothes and shoes

  4. backpack

  5. camera

What to do?

This is based on the schedule I made for my friends and we had to make changes because of the earthquake. Please call, check social media accounts and websites before going. I recommend making reservations.

A window cave located in the north-center of the island its famous for being one of the few caves that doesnt have a river crossing through it and has one of its entrances as a “window”. For more details on my experience there click here:

Visit the factory where the most famous rum is made and drink it too. There’s live music and food at some days during the week. They have 3 tours: the heritage (historic), mixology (be a bartender for a day) and the special rum tasting. I recommend trying the daiquiri and mojito. You can read more here:

A small rum producing factory where they make amazing rum with cognac and whiskey methods. Its super beautiful and peaceful. I recommend the old fashioned, that was a mind blowing experience of a drink.

Where the longest zip line in America is located. They also offer shorter zip lines, a kids area and a “roller coster”. You can buy each entrance separately or buy a day pass, but I recommend that if you do a day pass you come early. If you’re afraid of heights, like me try to convince the employees to start with the rollers or with a short zip line and then work from there. Their main attractions are the beast and monster so they will take you their first.


Old San Juan

Visit the colonial area of the island where you can see El morro, the convent, eat at the place where the pina colada was created, the Fortaleza, totems and the second oldest church in America.



An area known for its hotels, parties, shops and restaurants. You can relax on the beach and crash a party too. We visited the beach and a hotel which had music.

You can read my Condado restaurant visits here:

This is the famous rainforest. It has trails, towers, flora, fauna and a restaurant. I recommend to get here early because it rains in the afternoon. Also, if your going to hike stay in the trails and don’t climb on the rocks.We visited the waterfalls, the manmade pools that collect rain and river water, saw the spectacular view of the tower and walked around.


This area is known for its Biobay, lighthouse and restaurants. One of the things that is being revived is El Conquistador, a famous hotel for its pools, an exclusive beach island and tons of amenities. It’s currently only open for conventions, events, birthdays, and weddings. Read more here:

Placita de Santurce

A famous hangout place for locals where you can dance, drink, eat and chat.

Known for black sand beaches, Biobay and the best beaches ever. You can visit all the main areas walking. For the biobay, I recommend going when there is no moon, so its extra dark and you can see the water glow.

I recommend getting by plane or private ships, while it is more expensive it is more reliable than the government managed ships.

You can read more here about Vieques:

Visit the famous firefighters station, light house, beaches, hotels, and murals. It is also known for sunflowers, a dessert forest, and coral reefs. We couldn’t go because of the earthquakes.

Where to eat?

The famous restaurant where the Piña Colada was created. It is also a great place for lunch and dinner. We ordered mofongo with shrimp, fresh whole fish and skirt stake. Read more here:

Great for breakfast and coffee. I improvised an out of the menu food item by taking hummus, avocado, tomato and vegetables. My friends ate pastries, ham and cheese sandwich, and a croissant.

Another great coffee stop that also offers juices and pastries! They also serve breakfast and lunch. Read more here:

A classic and historic place known for breakfast and pastries such as Quesitos! I ate an omelette and my friends ate French toast, a sandwich, donuts and a cupcake.

At night they open The Bodeguita de Manolo where they have music, wine and tapas! Its delicious and you can read more here:

It is a Mexican restaurant that I tried their tacos and wanted to go to try their food. So I tried their breakfast, we all tried different variations of the omelette. They make coffee art with hearts and swans.

It located in the Chinchorro roads of Puerto Rico, they offer classic criollo food such as tostones, asopao, mofongo, and sancocho. Its a nice break from Toro Verde.

A historical landmark that serves the glorious roasted pig with cuerito! Read more here:

Made from 100% Puerto Rican pig! Certified by the Association of Pig Farmers who created a collective mark and use it to guarantee quality and origin. (jeje see food and intellectual property can be together)

A famous restaurant in the placita de Santurce. They offer classic criollo food with a modern twist. I ordered rice with mofongo and skirt stake. My friends ordered stuffed chicken with mamposteao. Read more here:

It offers different restaurants in the same place with pizza, pasta, criollo, seafood, sweets, meats and excellent drinks. Read more here:

Enjoy the pictures






























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