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Vuelta y Vuelta argentinianAddress: Galleria Paseos Mall food court the first at your left hand sidePrice: $20 per person, bit pricy for a food court restaurantParking: plentykids: yes service: they are nice people, and pretty fast at preparing your i consider the portions reasonable, at first at was like “that’s not going to fill me up” and then when i ate everything i was super full. i have tried the ribs and the skirt steak and they are good specially with those sauces (tamarindo, guayaba, BBQ, chimitomate, parcha, ginger, lemon, honey mustard, etc.)comment: bit on the pricey side, the salad is good. be carefull about the bbq sauce specially if your allergic like me; try ordering the other ones that are olive oil based.

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