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Wilo Eatery and Bar


Type: Tapas and Asian Fusion

Price: $10-20

Kids: yes



An excellent service that provides recommendations for tapas or main meals.

It offers an market area to buy a food plan, dips, desserts and coffee. The restaurant area is divided into the bar and tables.

I met the owner called Wilo. He is a famous chef that studied in Culinary Art Institute and he’s really nice.

The restaurant is really casual and offers a lot of choices for everyone that has (or doesn’t have) a food allergy or dietary restriction.


The food is really innovative and super delicious.

I tried the hummus and yuca chips. It had garlic, it was super smooth and the chips where super crunchy.

I also had some fresh octopus that was slightly charred. Perfectly cooked, delicious, tender and simple.

This was a tuna tartare with a pegao cracker. This was spectacular, when I tasted it I went like “oh my god that its so good!”


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