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Zoo Miami

Type: zoo

Price: $17 adults $13 child, summer pass $56 adult and $46 child, dinosaur package $31 adult, $29 child

Parking: a lot but come early before midday, its more comfortable with that summer sun on top of you

Kids: hell yes

Zoo: the animals are well kept, feed and taken care off, they also have small museums through out the zoo where you can visit different habitats and civilizations. it is a great place to take your kids to feed animals, learn, have fun and exercise. you can rent bikes to stroll through the park, or take the train or walk. like the jungle the is an oasis for the kids, that’s a pool full of sprinklers, slides and water toys. they also have a river where you can have a tour of the animals. the have small restaurants inside with healthy snacks. every month the have special exhibition of art, sculptures, animals, and decoration, this month was of dinosaurs. there are employees through out the whole zoo in case of questions. you can also donate and volunteer. they have summer camps available, sleepovers, a high school, and educational programs. you can rent spaces for activities. they have various permanent exhibits like the: Asian, African, Australian, amazon, and tropical. the restaurants available are: oasis grill, Carousel Cafe, Fiesta Café and Portable Food and Beverage Carts. I didn’t try the food because i had a hardy breakfast enough to last me for a late lunch we had already reserved in advance but we did buy water and chips.

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