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Alcazar Arab/Spanish FoodLocation: near the Independent Party Office (Partido Independentista) big green building with a bunch of green flags with a white cross cant miss itParking: yes, small but there’s valet parking too.Kids: yesPrice: $20 per person there are groupons availableFood: if you want to go classic European this is the place to go. classic and famous paella of seafood or meats both are done to perfection, the good thing is that these come in personalized sizes enough for 2 people, so they are not that huge like they usually are. try the sangria it is worth the try because most sangria’s taste like pure alcohol but this one is fruity and delicious. also try theService: its a bit slow but good could be better. since they are not used to groupons because its something they recently implemented it might take a while for them to process.Comment: get here before rush hour that means before 12 for lunch or before 6-7 pm for dinner because it gets full with alot of business people from the near by working places.

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