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El Mercado of Paseo Caribe

EL Mercado Paseo Caribe Facebook

Location: Paseo Caribe. See map below

Type: marketplace restaurant

Parking: Paseo Caribe has valet and regular parking

Kids: yes, you can take your kids

Price: $20 per person, if order drinks it can be more


El Mercado is a marketplace restaurant with really nice people. There are no waiters except in the bar area. The whole point to the place is that you have a variety of restaurants to choose from, you order and pick up the food. The staff at each place make great recommendations.

They have a really nice ambiance with music and comfortable seating. It’s an excellent place for parties and large groups.


They have a lot of options of food from criollo, asian, mexican, italian, coffee and desserts. Here is a list of restaurants:

  1. La Hacienda: great place to buy chips and dip

  2. El Pescador: fresh seefood

  3. Isla Bonita: classis criollo food

  4. Yummy Goodies: cookies, brownies, cakes, etc.

  5. México Lindo: mexican food and they also make margaritas

  6. Coctel: the bar where you order drinks

  7. Aroma Latino: criollo and south american food

  8. Mediterranean Market: European/ International food

  9. Napolitana Wood Fired Pizza: freshly made pizza

  10. Señor Paleta: delicious popsicles

  11. Himalaya: asian food

  12. The Noodle Merchant: noodle bowls

  13. Alto Grande Caffé Bar: coffee and more desserts


I went here with mom for a girls night out. We tried Isla Bonita because the majority of criollo food is gluten free and also we had heard from some friends that Isla Bonita was good restaurant.

We ordered pork with tostones (fried plantains) and guineitos (green bananas). The pork came with cuerito (crispy pork skin) which was delicious and the pork didn’t even need a knife. The tostones were super crispy, which is good because that means they are fresh! For dessert we ate some strawberry mojito popsicles, super refreshing!

We really had a great time and hope to return to try the other restaurants.

Enjoy the Photos!

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