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InBloom Eats and Juicery

Type: Poke bowl and juice


Parking: yes, there’s in the back next to the bus station

Price: $5-10


JR Ricker started with organic juices for detox, energy and getting vitamins in a super delicious way. They have different flavors such as greens, citrus, roots and almond milk.

They have smoothie, açaí bowls and healthy snacks. Now they offer poke bowl and soon avocado toast.

The poke and açaí are my TGIF obsession. The poke I order has tuna and salmon, edamame, all the veggies, avocado, Tamari sauce (soy sauce’s GF brother) and spicy mayo. Best part is when the owner serves me pegao “crunchy rice” in the poke bowl (yeay! a taste that reminds me of home and California!)

I order the OG açaí with bananas, strawberries, blueberries, and granola (GF). They have others with peanut butter, matcha and pitaya.


They do deliveries, pick up and eat in. The busiest time is lunch but I usually go in the afternoon for a nice light dinner.

The owner is usually there, he is super nice, smart, funny and always makes awesome conversations. He remembers your favorite toppings and adds them without questions.

He has a loyalty card where you can get extra toppings and bowls for free! Ive claimed a ton of toppings and bowls. He is developing an app to offer extra perks and make the card digital, so stay tune for than.


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