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Mancha de Platano Food TruckParking: small parkingAddress: Bairoa in front  of walgreens de la carr. 1 Caguas, Puerto RicoKids: yesService: they are fast since plantain do fry up pretty fast. they are friendly and very dedicated: they are improving their services every day, and take into consideration what people say. they are one of the best food trucks around.Food: they are famous for their toston hamburger, a hamburger with tostones as bread. it is large but trust me if you come with an appetite you will eat it all. it is delicious. they also have all things made with plantain: mofongo, tostones rellenos (stuffed tostones), plantain soup, a special plantain flour (not sure if its gluten free, didn’t ask) that they use to bred stuff and deep fry them, and desserts.

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