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Reina del Mar

type: SpanishAddress: right next to the piñero train stationkids: yesprice: $30-50 ave. depending if you order wineparking: limited, has valetservice: they make you feel at home, it is a super star service where they aim to please. they also have a really nice chef and owner that will tell you about his story and friends in the food busienss. From his conversation I learned a lot about the restaurant business and that his friends all own excellent restaurants. I will interview him later if your in the mood to pig out the have huge fresh lobsters or if your not in the mood to share there are delicious main dishes like the osobucco and tender steaks or if your in the mood for a light dinner there are delicious appetizers. we had a hardy lunch so we ordered appetizers, like skirt stake, empanadillas, chorrizo and calamaris. the sea food is super fresh because they have friends who are fisherman that get them the best stuff. they also have out of this world deserts like papaya and tomato candy, cheesecake and flanes. The tomato candy sounds odd at first but it’s totally worth it, you won’t even know it’s tomato. We knew it was tomato because the chef told us. They also have an excellent wine and desert wine selection.

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