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Tandoor and Tikka

Type: Indian

Price: $5-10

Parking: they have a public parking space across the street



The restaurant has a simple format of ordering food by putting the ingredients that you choose on rice, naan-wich or naan-pizza. They specify the levels of spiciness of each of the ingredients. Many of the sauces contain yogurt but there is a mint sauce and curry that don’t contain yogurt nor spiciness.

I choose the chicken rice bowl with korma and the mint sauce and my mom chose the lamb with tikka masala and cilantro sauce. It was light, flavorful, perfectly cooked and fresh. My mom and I also like spicy food.

The portions are pretty large so you can share or save for later. You can also order sauces in large containers to use in your cooking.

The food reminded me of my time in California where most of my friends were from India and I used to always hangout with them to the new restaurants they found.


The restaurant is run by a nice man and his wife and its also a small franchise. They are mostly empty during the day, so you won’t have any lines nor issues getting a seat.

You can also use food delivery services if you live far away and don’t want to drive to downtown to get the food.


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