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Type: International Food Wine Restaurant

Parking: Yes

Price: $30-50 per person

Location: Mall of San Juan 2nd Floor


The restaurant specializes in International food but its actually more of a steakhouse. They also offer seafood such as oysters and lobster. They have a huge variety of wines and a shop where you can take bottles home. You can also take home the cured meats. I recommend sharing the food because the servings are large enough for two people.

My mom and I tried to bistec encebolla’o (with onions) with rice, beans, and mofongo. We also had a tempranillo wine. The food was good but could have been better with some more seasoning, specially the beans and the mofongo.

Also, the onions are breaded, something that I didn’t even think asking when ordering this because the traditional bistec encebollao calls for caramelized onions not breaded.

Caution to those who have Celiac and are gluten intolerant

The food is not very gluten free friendly because they have a lot of food items that involve flour like dumplings, empanadillas, wontons, etc. Also, they have a lot of sauces for the meats that involve flour.

I had no reaction from the onions because I was able to separate them from the meat. I took an allergy pill as fast as possible and drank lots of water. This is what I usually do when I suspect something has gluten.

My gluten intolerance has been diagnosed as “cumulative”, in the sense that if I eat too much I will have a reaction. For instance, if I eat something like fries or meat that happens to have a breaded garnish on top is fine. However, I really play it safe with a completely GF diet because sometimes the smallest amounts (can make me have a reaction.

I recommend that you ask the waiter what recommendations they suggest and tell them about your allergies.


They have indoor and outdoor seating. The atmosphere is relaxed, with good music and really modern decore.

The place was full and had to sit in the bar area. The service was good but it’s a different experience from when you’re sitting at a table. The bartender only comes when asked or when your drink is almost ready to refill. He was nice but you don’t have the same experience as when sitting in the table.

I recommend making reservations ahead of time.

I want to return to try the meats and have a full experience of the place.

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