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wine box (CLOSED)

type: internationaladdress: 9 Calle Parque de los Niños, Guaynabo, 00969price: $50parking: very limited almost no parkingkids: family friendlyservice: the service was excellent when the owner was present and when he himself attended the tables. A really nice guy with a dream of retiring by having the restaurant he always wanted. He loved to cook and came up with some simple but delicious recipes inspire by Spanish food. he decided to close because clients weren’t coming and costs were going up. also when he want there the service was ok but not as great as when he was around. they were friendly, considerate, and well trained bu he had the charm and made you feel at home. the place had great ambiance, relax feel, great wine shop and a place i’ll always remember. i was lucky to experience such an excellent restaurant, i found it by luck, finding a place to eat after my JD the food was exceptional from start to finish. we ordered various plates to share from churrasco, chicken, ceviche, ropa vieja, and pork belly. For dessert mom and her friend had coffee and cake in a cup. A really decadent delicious brownie with ice cream.

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